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I have a first degree in Psychology from the University of London (Goldsmiths College), and a PhD in social psychology from the University of Hertfordshire (on self-esteem and motivation). Immediately after my PhD, I worked at the University of Glamorgan as a lecturer in social psychology (from 1995 until 1999). I then joined the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University as a lecturer (and then senior lecturer) in ICT and Social Science (from 1999 until 2007). I joined the University of Bath, School of Management in June 2007, first as a senior lecturer, then as a Reader in ‘Information Systems’. In September 2012 I joined UWE Bristol as Professor of Behavioural Change

Area of expertise

My work has generally been located at the intersection between technology, psychology and behaviour. Most recently, it has been focussed in three main areas:
1) Behavioural change and technology
I have been researching how technology can be used to change people’s behaviour in a number of ways - for instance, the use of serious games in conflict resolution (FP7 EU Project SIREN -, and the impact of social media on offline behaviour and self-censorship, self-disclosure behaviour and technology (e.g. ESRC funded 'Privacy and Self-Disclosure Online' project), and several studies of online influence and offline behaviour.
2) Privacy, Trust and Security issues and the Internet:
I’ve been researching the links between privacy and new technology for a while, starting with the links between privacy attitudes and disclosure behaviour, followed by mobile privacy, family interaction (and monitoring of kids by parents), the definition of privacy, and the ways in which personal information create value for organisations and individuals.
3) Social media, interaction and design:
I also have a long standing research interest in the use of technology for social interaction, including communication (e.g. self-disclosure processes), deception, relationship development and social capital. Recently, this work has extended to consider the use of avatars in social interaction, social networking sites (such as Facebook), and virtual communities.
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