Dr Daniela Gabor

About me

I research three related areas. 

First, I am interested in shadow banking activities, in particular repo markets , and the implications for central banking, sovereign bond markets and regulatory activity. I have just started an INET project on Managing Shadow Money ‚Äč

Second, my research develops the theme of transnational banks' involvement in policy deliberations around capital controls and crisis management in both global settings and in emerging markets. Finally, I research the IMF's conditionality and advice on capital controls.

Area of expertise

critical central banking, collateral intermediation, shadow banking, IMF, capital controls, transnational banking.

I blog here Helicopter Money and tweet here @DanielaGabor

Mini Conference Central banks, states and markets, SASE Milan June 2013
Special Panel on Collateral and Financial Stability, IFABS June 2013
Bank Funding Structures and Asset Encumbrance, London
The ChangingPolitics of Central Banking, Cornell University
Central Banking at crossroads, DIIS Denmark

My Publications