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About me

I am a freelance researcher and academic. My academic background is in social psychology and I am particularly interested in how we change cultures of sexism, discrimination and violence against women and girls (VAWG).  In 2016 I produced, with colleagues, a report for the British Council analysing how the nations of the UK are performing against the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for gender equality and empowerment, subsequently giving evidence to the Parliamentary Women and Equalities Select Committee. I was a member of the government and Universities UK task force on preventing sexual harassment and sexual violence in universities, which produced its "Changing the Culture" report in November 2016. I spent two years at UWE co-creating and evaluating “The Intervention Initiative”,  a national behaviour change programme commissioned by Public Health England and forming part of the Home Office Action Plan to prevent VAWG, which empowers young people to be leaders, challenging and preventing sexual violence in universities.  I continue to collaborate with colleagues at UWE in this work. I am a past board member and vice chair of the Fawcett Society, and a founder member of Bristol Fawcett, an activist group established in 2001 and working with policy makers and public sector practitioners to bring about positive change for girls and women across the four domains of feminism: civil society; politics; violence against women and girls; and the economy.  I helped to develop The Bristol Ideal: a flagship programme to tackle abuse and promote healthy relationships and gender equality in schools.  I am a Commissioner on Bristol’s Mayoral Commission for Women and a member of the Commission’s task force on representation of women in public life. 

Area of expertise

Social psychology of sexism, prevention of violence against women and girls, social policy, representation, culture change.

My Publications