Professor Ioannis Ieropoulos

About me

Dr. Ieropoulos is an Associate Professor at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, and an EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellow. He is the principal investigator of the projects “Urine-tricity” funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, MFC Commercialisation funded by EPSRC’s “Developing Leaders” Programme, as well as of “Decomposing Robots and MFCs” funded by the Leverhulme Trust. He has produced EcoBots I and II for his PhD (2002-2005) and EcoBot-III as the Lead Researcher on the EU-FP-6 ICEA Project. He has 12 years experience in autonomous robots and MFC technology, the latest breakthrough from which has been the charging of a mobile phone with urine. His grant income over the last 4 years has come to over £2M and his work has resulted in over 40 peer reviewed publications. He has been invited to author at least 4 chapters in leading book series, such as Applications of Electrochemistry in Biology and Medicine, Artificial Life Models in Hardware and Living Machines, and has also been invited to present at international conferences, such as CIMTEC’12 and DSTL SOAR Meetings.

Area of expertise


Autonomous Robots

Self-Sustainable Systems

Waste utilisation

Microbial Fuel Cells

Low power electronics

My Publications