Dr Miriam Ricci

About me

I joined the Centre for Transport & Society in 2009 where I currently work as a Senior Research Fellow. My key research interest is equitable and sustainable mobility. I'm involved in a variety of different projects focusing on: evaluation of mobility policy measures, social inclusion and transport, economic migration and new technologies in transport.

Current projects include:
Days Out by Train in the West of England, delivering free rail travel to disadvantaged communities and evaluating user experience (funded by Great Western Rail)
Evaluation of the West of England Local Sustainable Transport Fund (funded by Department for Transport)
VENTURER, autonomous vehicle trial in Bristol (funded by Innovate UK)
REPLICATE, Bristol pilot, (funded by the European Commission)
EVIDENCE, evaluation of the impacts of sustainable mobility measures in urban environments (funded by the European Commission)

Past research projects include:
A study of economic migration to Bristol and residents' perceptions (Funded by Bristol City Council)
A literature review on Young People Transport Behaviour in the UK (funded by Department for Transport)
The Bristol Method (funded by Bristol Green Capital)
Compilation of Transport Success Stories in Europe (funded by European Environment Agency)

A qualitative research project looking at transport-related social exclusion in Bristol (funded by UWE Bristol Early Career Grant).

Renaissance, a EU-funded project aimed at implementing a series of sustainable mobility measures in Bath.

Prior to joining UWE, I was based at the Institute for Social, Cultural & Policy Research, University of Salford, where I worked on the EPSRC-funded UK Sustainable Hydrogen Energy Consortium and on Public Engagement with Hydrogen Infrastructure in Transport, funded by the Department for Transport.
My academic background is multidisciplinary. I hold a PhD in innovation studies and an MSc in Physics, both from the University of Turin in Italy. On the last year of my PhD studies I was awarded a Marie Curie Doctoral Fellowship at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research.
I present my work to a variety of academic and non academic audiences, including school children.  I speak English, Italian (mother tongue) and Portuguese.

Area of expertise

Evaluation of sustainable mobility policies

Transport disadvantage and social exclusion

Self-driving vehicles

Low Carbon transport technologies and their applications in private, public transport and freight vehicles

Car Clubs and bike-sharing

Urban Freight Consolidation Centres

Stakeholder and public engagement in environmental and energy issues

Energy consumption, pro-environmental behaviour and behavioural change

Lay and expert perceptions of science and technology

Science, technology & innovation policy and governance


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