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I am an anthropologist working at the crossroads of medical and political anthropology. I began my career studying social anthropology at York University in Toronto, where I obtained my BA and MA in Anthropology. I then moved to Lancaster in the rainy North West of England to study towards a PhD in Sociology and Women's Studies. There, Professors Sarah Franklin and Maureen McNeil supervised my research. At that time I was also a Board Member of the Lancaster Centre for Science Studies, and active in organizing events with international speakers. I lectured for three years at Lancaster during and after completing my PhD and then moved to UWE, Bristol to take up the post of Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Criminology.


My research has focused mainly on transnational human egg donation, specifically my ethnographic study centred on 'traffic' in ova between Israel/Palestine and Romania. It looked at the ways in which political, economic and global forces shaped and were shaped by practices of cross border reproductive care. That research was generously funded by the Wenner Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research and the Social Science and humanities Research Council of Canada.


I have published one ethnographic monograph entitled, Extractions: An Ethnography of Reproductive Tourism (Palgrave 2013).


I have more recently taken up visual social methods, and produced a documentary film entitled, Atomised Mothers: A Film about Isolation, 'Austerity' and the politics of parenting (www.atomisedmothers.wordpress.com)


I'm happy to supervise doctoral research on topics of reproductive technologies and reproduction, nationalism, race and racism, migration and trafficking. I encourage innovative approaches to social research.

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