Dr Noelle Quenivet

  • Certificate in German Studies (Strasbourg France) - BA in International Relations (Strasbourg France and Graz Austria) - LLM in International Human Rights Law (Nottingham UK) - Certificate in Russian Language (Essex UK) - PhD in Law (Essex UK)
  • Position: Associate Professor in International Law
  • Department: FBL - Law

About me

I am an international lawyer ​specialised in armed conflicts with expertise in the protection of women and children. Currently I am working on a project funded by the British Academy on ​the impact of international human rights law on the British armed forces. 

PhD S​upervision: I am interesting in supervising students who want to work on the following areas: international law, international humanitarian law, international criminal law, European human rights law, protection of women and/or children in armed conflict, institutional European Union law.​​

Area of expertise

International humanitarian law; international criminal law; European human rights law; institutional European Union law

My Publications