Dr Pritesh Narayan

About me

I completed my undergraduate and PhD within the Aerospace Avionics Engineering field at QUT (Brisbane, Australia ) and  I'm part of the Aerospace Engineering team within the EDM department at UWE Bristol. My key responsibilities/roles are:

Programme Leader - BEng/MEng Aerospace Engineering

The BEng/MEng Aerospace Engineering Degree intends to produce graduates with a solid foundation in a broad range of aerospace disciplines (e.g. Aero Structures, Aerodynamics) with additional expertise through the selection of one of three pathways in your second year on the programme (Systems, Manufacturing or Design). Feel free to get in touch with me via e-mail/twitter/linkedin if you would like more information or alternatively, take a look at our BEng and MEng course pages for more details.

Programme Leader- BEng/MEng Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies

Flight training is a great way to reinforce the theoretical aero and flight dynamics principles presented in the aerospace engineering degree. It also provides additional insight into the aviation industry. During flight training you will focus on areas such as navigation, aviation safety, aircraft instrument systems and regulations at a practical level.

UWE has excellent links with flight schools in the UK and the USA (NMC Aviation, Michigan) to provide students with an integrated flight training experience (e.g. undertaking aspects of the groundschool as part of the aerospace degree). Students who meet the flight training requirements are also eligible to graduate with a BEng/MEng Aerospace Engineering (Pilot Studies) (please note - Flight training is at your own cost).​ Get in touch with me if you would like more information or approximate costs for obtaining your pilots licence.


Engineering, Modelling and Simulation (EMS) Group Member

The newly established Engineering Modelling and Simulation (EMS) Group brings academics and researchers together, to carry out high quality research in key engineering fields by applying modern and advanced modelling and simulation techniques. Visit the EMS group page if you are interested in more information or collaborating.

Area of expertise

Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Trajectory PlanningAircraft Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC)Expert Systems;​ Multi-Criteria Decision Making

My Publications