Dr Rachel Fenton

About me

I am the PI for the Public Health England funded bystander intervention project, The Intervention Initiative, www.uwe.ac.uk/interverventioninitiative. The Intervention Initiative is a programme for all universities to prevent sexual violence and domestic abuse in student populations by empowering students to become active bystanders when they witness problematic behaviours. I have long standing research interest in sexual offences and gender in the law and have written numerous articles about rape and sexual asault including about Italian law in the area, judicial training, consent and intoxication. I am also PI for a qualitative research project examining teacher and pupil engagement with sexual violence education in schools.

I also have a longstanding interest in medical law. In particular I write about assisted reproduction and legal regulation. I have written many articles and book chapters about law and assisted reproduction, both in the UK and Italy. I am currently writing a book, entitled Assisted Reproduction, Vulnerability and the Global Market to be published with Ashgate. My most recent work in the area of vulnerability and assisted reproduction can be found in Vulnerability, Reflections on a New Policitcal Foundation for Law and Politics edited by M. Finemen and A.Grear http://www.ashgate.com/isbn/9781472421630

 I was a Visiting Scholar at Emory University, Atlanta, September 2013

I am currently module leader for Medicine and the Law and Dissertations.

Area of expertise

Bystander Interventions for universities

Assisted reproduction and legal regulation

Rape and sexual assault

Medicine and Law

Gender and Law

My Publications