Dr Thom Oliver

About me

Research and Business Development manager working cross faculty supporting research and bidding activity in the Humanities and Social Sciences.


In another life I am a political scientist. My principal research interests encompass aspects of governance, representation and accountability in a broad range of organisations (political, non governmental and third sector).

I also work across other domains including:

  • Regional, City and Local Government and Governance
  • Democratic Theory
  • Organisational Sensemaking
  • Qualitative Research Methods (In particular: Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis)
  • Qualitative Electoral Studies
  • Political Leadership (City Leadership/Elected Mayors)
  • Liberal Democrats.

I am currently convenor of the Liberals and Liberalism Specialist Group and joint founder and convenor of the ​​Qualitative Research Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association

Area of expertise

Research Bidding, Planning Research, Funding Searches, Collaborative Bidding.

My Publications