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Dr Aleksandra Stelmach is a Research Associate and joined the Science Communication Unit to work on the project 'INSIGHT: Ethical best practice in science communication and engagement'. The project is led by Dr Clare Wilkinson and examines how researchers and communication practitioners consider ethical dimensions of their work. 

Aleksandra's research bridges Science Communication and Science and Technology Studies and examines how language and visuals are used in public communication about emerging technologies. She has extensive experience of using qualitative research methods and used them to study the fields of fetal programming, epigenetics, gene drive and gene-editing.

Aleksandra is an interdisciplinary social scientist with a PhD in Science and Technology Studies. Her academic background is in social anthropology, European journalism and applied linguistics. Before joining academia, Aleksandra worked as a news reporter and health and medicine editor for major media outlets. 

Area of expertise

Science and Technology Studies, Science Communication, public engagement, sociology of health, medicine and science 


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