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I am a PhD researcher specialising in cognitive electrophysiology. I work closely with Airbus, investigating remote electrophysiological monitoring systems to predict human state. I am interested in the neurobiology of emotion-cognition interactions, and I am currently exploring the different physiological and neural correlates of cognitive mechanisms, such as attention, during acute stress. I am drawn to narrowing the gap between neuroscience and psychology, as I believe non-invasive neuroimaging methods can help unravel human behaviour.

In addition to my PhD, I am working on a number of research projects. I am currently working on a project exploring EEG biomarkers in chronic pain patients. I am an associate on the Flourish Connected Autonomous Vehicles research project, working closely with members of the Bristol Robotics Laboratory and Centre for Transport and Society. I am an Associate Lecturer; I mainly teach EEG data collection and analysis methods. I also assist with BSc and MSc EEG research projects, currently supporting an intriguing project looking at the relationship between neural signatures and music therapy with patients in a minimally conscious state.

I have held a number of Research Associate posts utilising EEG in experimental situations. Due to my keen interest in neuroscience, electrophysiological methods and experimental research, I undertook an MSc in Neuroimaging at Cardiff University. At Cardiff, I employed a multivariate pattern analysis technique, representational similarity analysis, to explore the neural representation of hand movements in sensorimotor cortex using magnetencephalography and kinematic data. This work is still ongoing.

I am a member of the Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience team within the Psychological Sciences Research Group. I am a member of the British Neuroscience Association, and a member of the division of Neuropsychology and Psychobiology of the British Psychological Society. ‚Äč

Area of expertise

neuronal oscillations, event-related potentials, electroencephalography, cognitive neuroscience, electrophysiology, physiological activity 


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