Dr Anna Bornioli

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  • Qualifications:PhD; MA; BSc
  • Position:Research Fellow and Lecturer in Public Health - Public Health Research Group
  • Department:Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences (HAS)
  • Telephone:+4411732 87281
  • Email:Anna.Bornioli@uwe.ac.uk

About me

My expertise is around sustainable mobility, healthy built and natural environments, healthy behaviours, and wellbeing. I have been a member of the Centre for Public Health and Wellbeing since 2017.

I am currently conducting research on the following projects:

  • healthy and restorative built environments;
  • favourite built environments;
  • mood, wellbeing and walking built environments.
Past projects include:
  • public health benefits of 20mph speed limits (funded by Bristol City Council);
  • evaluation of the Public Health Skills and Knowledge Framework (funded by Public Health England);
  • Risk factors for unhealthy behaviours (smoking, drinking, and other addictive behaviours) in adolescence related to eating disorders, mental health, and body dissatisfaction (in collaboration with the Centre for Appearance Research).

I have recently worked on the evaluation of the public health benefits of the 20mph speed limit introduction in Bristol with the Public Health and Wellbeing Research Group, in collaboration with Bristol City Council.

I am collaborating with international colleagues on the Favorite Urban Places Study, led by the University of Tampere. The study aims to analyse the restorative potential of outdoor and indoor favourite built settings: https://research.uta.fi/enviwell/sample-page/who-are-we/ 

I am a Fellow for Create Streets, which aims to develop healthy streets: http://dev.createstreets.com/ 

I completed my PhD in November 2017 in the Centre for Transport and Society. My PhD explored the influence of city centre environments on wellbeing outcomes from the pedestrian point of view with a mixed experimental-qualitative interviews approach.

Before then, I have obtained a BSc in Economics from the University of Cagliari, Italy, and a MA in Cultural Economics from the University of Bologna, Italy. I have also spent one year at City University London, UK, as exchange student in the Department of Economics.

I have extensive experience with quantitative and mixed-methods research. My quantitative research skills include longitudinal data analysis, analysis of large datasets, multivariate analysis, experimental design, and survey design. 

I also have experience with in-depth interviews, photo-elicitation, focus groups, urban ethnography, and participatory map sketching.‚Äč

Area of expertise

  • Health and the built environment, including restorative environments research;
  • Human behaviours related to health and sustainability;
  • Walking behaviours;
  • Public health evaluations;
  • Urban policies for heritage interpretation and promotion;
  • Mixed methods research;
  • Quantitative research methods including multivariate statistics, longitudinal data analysis, experimental design, questionnaire design, online surveys;
  • Quantitative analysis software: SPSS, Stata, Amos, Excel;
  • Qualitative research methods including in-depth interviews, photo-elicitation, focus groups, urban ethnography, map sketching;
  • Qualitative analysis software: NVivo; MindMap.


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