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Annie Tubadji is a Senior Lecturer in Economics. She is a cultural economist and teaches microeconomics and economics of happiness. Annie has previously worked at: University of Bologna, Italy; University of the Aegean, Greece; Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Germany; as well as UNDP, UNICEF and the State Agency for Analysis and Planning, Ministry of Finance, Bulgaria (as part of the EU-NSRF Strategic Team 2007). She is the holder of the Shackle Scholarship at St. Edmunds, Cambridge University, the UK for 2015-2016. She has been awarded the 2010 "Student Paper Award" by the Association for Institutional Thought (AFIT), Western Social Science Association meeting, Reno 2010, for her paper: "The Culture-Based Development (CBD) Hypothesis". Annie obtained her PhD from the University of Regensburg, Germany in 2011.​

Annie is also the Cluster Leader for Microeconomics at the Bristol Centre for Economics and Finance (BCEF) and the organizer of the BCEF Economic Research Seminar Series​.​

Area of expertise

Annie's main areas of expertise are New Cultural Economics (NCE) and Regional Economics. 
She focuses on the cultural bias in economic choice as a function of the interaction between the micro and macro levels.
Her working paradigm is termed the Culture-Based Development (CBD) approach.
Annie's contributions cover predominantly empirical work in regional economics and economic growth, labour economics, economics of innovation and entrepreneurship.
She has worked on the topics of migration, diversity, creative class, social capital, religion, innovation and uncertainty. 
Her current research interests include economics of happiness, moral philosophy and socio-economic inequalities.


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