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Bola Adediran holds a PhD in Politics from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. His doctoral research supervised by Professor James Pattison, disputes the idea that reforming the Security Council would improve the way it approaches, responds, and reacts to humanitarian crises. As an alternative, it extends robust and sustained arguments on the legitimacy of regional institutions to take up the 'authorising' functions of the Security Council. He has published articles on the subject in notable journals like Ethics and International Affairs. His article on regional organisations in the Global Responsibility to Protect Journal was awarded the ECR prize for best contribution to research on R2P in 2017 by the British International Studies Association Working Group on Intervention and R2P. His first degree was from Nigeria's premier university, the University of Ibadan, where he studied Philosophy. Outside of the academia, he has worked with international firms such as KPMG and Standard Chartered Bank.

Adediran's current research interest spans genocide studies, the ethics of war, the responsibility to protect, regional organisations (with a particular focus on the African Union, Arab League and ECOWAS). He is willing to provide media commentary on issues relating to his research interest and on Nigerian politics.

Area of expertise

Regional organisations; Humanitarian Intervention; the responsibility to protect; the Security Council; English School theory; and Ethics of War.


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