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I am passionate about high-quality, ethical research and data analysis. I have advanced statistical analyses skills and I proficient in Excel, SQL, PowerBI, R, Jamovi, SPSS, and Veusz.  With a 7-year background in health research and international multi-stakeholder work, I am passionate about high-quality human-oriented, ethical data analysis and she strives to apply her technical skills to gather and analyse data that will improve peoples' lives. My current motto is: "from people to data, from data back to the people"

After gaining experience as a statistics consultant for medical studies, I started working as a Research Fellow in Applied Statistics at the Centre for Appearance Research (CAR, University of the West of England, Bristol UK). In my role, I give input on data collection and design and oversee the data analyses, data security & management, and results interpretation for all the randomized controlled trials run in collaboration between CAR and the Dove Self Esteem Project. 

Area of expertise

Data Analysis, Data Management, Statistics, Randomized Controlled Trials, Research Methods, Quantitative Psychology, Body Image Research


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