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I am a Lecturer in Experimental Social Psychology at the University of the West of England. Within this role I am a member of the Programme Leadership Team and Level 1 Lead for the Psychology BSc (Hons) programmes and Module Leader for Introduction to Psychology. I deliver lectures on social cognition (e.g., prejudice, stereotyping), and Open Science, and supervise both undergraduate and postgraduate research students.

My main areas of research fall into the broad theme of group processes and intergroup relations. Topics include understanding whether implicit prejudice can influence our feelings and behaviours towards outgroup others (e.g., empathy, perspective taking, emotion recognition), as well as assessing the best way to measure social cognition (e.g., methods/reliability). I was awarded the Vice Chancellor's Early Career Award in 2018 to continue my work in this area, and have also helped to run training workshops at UWE aiming to educate people about unconscious bias and how it may impact teaching in higher education.

My second area of research focuses on exploring the influence of social and contextual influences on substance use and related beliefs, with a particular focus on alcohol. Here I examine the influence of alcohol consumption on visual attention and inhibitory control mechanisms. Our research to date suggests that appetitive processes may drive disinhibition towards alcohol and may generalise to other consumable beverages.

Finally, I have a passion for Open Science and Reproducibility and have worked with international collaborators on two Registered Replication Reports (Srull and Wyer, 1979 and Mazar, Amir, & Ariely, 2008). I also enjoy teaching students about this through lectures on the "Replication Crisis" through to workshops on best research practices.

Please see below for my publications; if you see any potential for collaboration, research talks/activities, please contact me on: charlotte.pennington@uwe.ac.uk and feel free to follow me on Twitter @cpennington92

Area of expertise

prejudice; implicit bias; stereotyping; group processes; intergroup relations; social cognition; implicit cognition; alcohol consumption; inhibitory control; attentional bias


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