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"Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads"
(Back to the Future, Part II)

Christian Stiegler's work is at the forefront of research into humanities and social sciences approaches to immersive media and creative industries, and he has established himself as a leading figure in this field. Over the last few years he has developed an internationally recognized profile and has been invited as keynote speaker and panel guest on Extended Reality (XR) and immersive storytelling to such major industry events such as SXSW, Cannes XR, Berlinale, International Film Festival Rotterdam, C21 Content Summit London, and MIPTV Cannes. His interdisciplinary approach in working with artists, and experiences in film, television, and music led to projects with leading international broadcasters and labels such as BBC, ZDF, Time Warner, Beggars Group, and Secretly Group, as well as acclaimed artists such as Björk and Lisa Hannigan.
Forthcoming publications include the MIT Press monograph The 360° Gaze: Immersions in Media, Society, and Culture.

In his research, he investigates immersion and the human implications of immersive media as defining elements for the understanding of postmodern media culture. His approach understands immersive media and emerging technologies, such as XR, AI and robotics, as sociocultural phenomena, and the culmination of a long history of immersive experiences that allows re-examining a range of mediated practices in our lives through the particular lens of immersion. His mission is to empower people, particularly artists, to use immersive media and emerging technologies for a responsible, ethical, and sustainable technological future.

In his previous position, he has been the lead researcher and founder of Brunel University London's 'Immersive Hub' and 'Presence/Immersion' research networks, which led to a major research project in cooperation with Franco-German television network ARTE and the Berliner Festspiele. Before his move to the UK, he has been Professor of International Media Management in Karlsruhe, Germany. In this position, he has worked closely with the ZKM | Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe, one of the world's leading cultural institutions to explore the creative possibilities of digital art and media technologies.

His contributions in the area of media and creative industries have resulted in several key interventions in the study of digital cultures (The Netflix Effect, 2016; New Media Culture, 2015) and an editorship of a journal collection on immersive storytelling (International Journal of E-Politics 8(3), 2017).

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"Christian Stiegler has become an important voice in ongoing scholarly and industrial conversations about VR, AR, and other forms of XR. Our enduring fascination with immersive experiences is traceable to 19th century literary traditions and pre-cinematic exhibitions; however, today, these immersive world-building activities are being embraced by cutting edge artists, such as Björk and Beck, who are eager to reinvent these legacy formats. As the lead of several research and creative projects, Stiegler has provided a framework for practitioners, scholars, and industry professionals to convene and debate the impact of these practices on today's media makers."
Professor Denise R. Mann, School of Theater, Film and Television, UCLA

"Art, media, research, and technology are the four spheres that make Christian Stiegler move on his mission to bring researchers and artists together and to let ideas become reality."
Kay Meseberg, Head of VR/360 @ ARTE, Mission Innovation Unit

"Christian Stiegler approaches XR like a creative, using innovation to support art and music, not the other way around. He's encouraged me to think about the medium as a way not to replace the experiences we love but to push them in new directions."
Robby Morris, Creative Director, Secretly Group


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