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  • Qualifications:B.Sc. (Hons) MA PhD PGCertTLHE F.HEA
  • Position:Senior Lecturer in Sociology
  • Department:HAS - Health and Social Sciences
  • Telephone:+4411732 84524
  • Email:David2.Green@uwe.ac.uk
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About me



Being born into a working class family in a post-industrial city, education became a vital way not only of "getting out", but also of understanding how and why these things were happening. A Eureka moment came in an A Level Sociology class when Monopoly money was employed to demonstrate how, according to Marx, Capitalism exploited its workers. Suddenly I saw the world and my own biography afresh. A degree in the social sciences followed where these understandings became more acute, and often more painful. 

Following university, I spent many months with my then partner exploring the highways and byways of the USA. Upon returning, I became a community mental health worker in London, working in and around Grenfell Tower. This led to an academic post at Brunel University, researching into poverty and excluded communities and some work on the way in which knowledge and practices are shared by social workers, notably on an HIV ward in Stockholm.

Craving a change of pace, a move to Devon brought me two utterly fantastic kids and into contact with a new community - the Pagan community. Intellectually the next logical step was to embark on a PhD and UWE kindly - and possibly unwisely - gave me a studentship to research into contemporary magickal practices. A number of years of going to rituals, talking to Pagans and magickians, and seeing the world in radically different and liberating ways followed.

Upon completion, UWE employed me as a lecturer and have given me a thankfully long leash to develop some interesting research and teaching along the way - including modules on visual sociology; magick; art, music and culture; social exclusion; cultural criminology; and, social anthropology/comparative sociology.

From that enlightening first date with Marx, through encounters with magick, to learning with and from successive cohorts of undergraduates at UWE, Sociology still has the power to help me to see the world in new, surprising and transformative ways. This visual metaphor is apt. In recent years I have become increasingly interested, as have a number of colleagues, in Visual Sociology. That is, the ways in which Sociology can help us to understand and engage with an increasingly visual world through visual methods and outputs. A long-standing interesting in art, photography and film - especially through an enduring love of cinema - has led me to want to explore the world sociologically through the use of photography and film-making. I am very proud to be a member of The Bristol Photography Research Group. The frustrated artist in me – I flirted talentlessly with doing an art degree as a young man before Sociology came a-calling - is finally being nurtured as my practice has strong visual and creative elements, which I hope engages and enthuses my students too.

Area of expertise

Visual Sociology; Ethnography; Social Exclusion; Sociology of Art and Visual Culture; Esoteric Subcultures


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