Dr Elena Milani

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About me

I am a research fellow for the European project RETHINK and a member of the Science Communication Unit.

My current research explores digital communication of science and health. I completed a PhD in science communication that explored the vaccine debate on Twitter.
My work and research experience has focused mainly on digital and visual communication.

Area of expertise

My main research interests are visual and social media communication of science and health.

The RETHINK project aims to map the digital landscape of science communication and identify science communication good practices as well as motivations and barriers to do science communication.

My PhD research focused on vaccine images used for advocacy that are shared among Twitter networks. Vaccinations are a controversial topic that is debated in the mainstream media as well as on social media, especially Twitter. Pro- and anti-vaccine activists, parents, NGOs, and health carers are tweeting about this topic, spreading their messages among their target audiences. Furthermore, these Twitter users are also sharing images, which could convey information more effectively than written text, and influence public opinion toward vaccinations. To understand how vaccine information flows between and within different Twitter communities, and how vaccinations are represented by pictures that are posted by different Twitter groups, I conducted both a Twitter networks analysis and a visual analysis of the shared images.


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