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My research focuses on the phenomenological tradition (especially on the thought of Husserl and Heidegger) in relation to a number of contemporary philosophical issues. In particular, I am interested in the relation between phenomenology and metaphysics, in its critique of philosophical naturalism, in the relevance of the concept of life-world for contemporary natural and human sciences, and in the phenomenological accounts of the nature and role of philosophy in our age.

I have recently published the book "Philosophy's Nature: Husserl's Phenomenology, Natural Science, and Metaphysics" (Routledge 2020) in which I argue that Husserl's account of scientific knowledge allows us to understand the shortcomings of the methods and frameworks of contemporary philosophy of science.

I also have a keen interest in Ancient Philosophy and I have published contributions exploring the relations between Husserl's philosophy and Greek thought. 

At UWE, I teach modules on Ancient Philosophy, Hellenistic and Neoplatonist Philosophy, Phenomenology, and Ethics of Technology. I am research lead of the Theme "World, Meaning, and Human Action".

I am one of the founders and permanent faculty of the Venice Summer School of Phenomenology www.phenomenologyinvenice.com. 

Area of expertise

Phenomenology, 20th century continental philosophy, philosophy of history, relations between phenomenology and ancient philosophy, philosophical accounts of science and technology. 


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