Ms Emily Matheson

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About me

​My PhD ​investigated the use of Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM) in risk factors for eating disorder psychopathology and the feasibility of administering these interventions beyond a laboratory setting.​

​​​My research interests extend beyond CBM to other interventions that seek to improve people’s body i​mage and in turn reduce their risk for developing an eating disorder. As a research practitioner, I am responsible for developing and evaluating interventions, as well as ensuring that individuals and groups are strictly exposed to evidence-based approaches and interventions. I am a​ Research Fellow based at the Centre for Appearance Research​. I am currently working across two projects in partnership with Dove, Cartoon Network and Playmob, which are assessing the efficacy of low dose interventions ​aimed at ​improving children’s body image and willingness to engage in body image activism.​ ​   ​ ​​​​

Area of expertise

body image; eating disorder prevention; ​intervention development and evaluation; cognitive bias modification​​


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