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About me

I am a Health Psychologist and Clinical Psychologist. The unifying thread of my work is around understanding and improving people's quality of life.  

My passion is to increase access to appropriate mental health support for people living in low-middle income countries, based on a profound understanding of people's own view of their health and their culture.  I have a particular interest for working with people across the lifespan affected by HIV. 

I have a strong interest in "low-intensity" psychological interventions. I have worked in self-management of long term health conditions, both for people with the condition and to work to better support parents with children experiencing illhealth. 

I did a PhD looking at quality of life in Thailand, and have been involved in research in South Africa and Uganda. As a Clinical Psychologist, I worked with a wide range of services, including refugees and asylum seekers, "liaison" mental health, clinical health psychology and secondary care adult mental health. 

Area of expertise

Quality of life

Intervention development
"Global" mental health
Systematic literature reviewing
Measurement development
Mental health in relation to physical health
Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology


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