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I am an early career researcher in soil science and a lecturer in agriculture. Currently, I serve as a part-time research associate on a NERC funded project focused on soil carbon. My research interests span diverse areas including soil improvement, utilization of organic and inorganic waste in agriculture, groundwater conservation, environmental quality, nutrient and carbon dynamics, sustainable food production, and related scientific domains. The primary objective of my research lies in advancing the global pursuit of sustainable development goals, particularly within the developing nations.

My journey in education encompasses a substantial teaching experience across all educational tiers, commencing from my role as a secondary school educator. Within a few years of venturing into the academic and research realm, I have proactively fostered strategic collaborations with a myriad of experts spanning various fields and nations. These collaborations span from plant breeding and genetics to crop protection and disease specialists, geography, ecosystem conservationists, animal scientists, and public health authorities, among others.

In my teaching career, I have always endeavored to use motivating and engaging apperoach to enrich the theoretical and practical experience of students in the subjects I teach. As a black scientist, I am well familiar with the challenges facing minorities students in science-related disciplines. As a result, I have actively participated in various programs tht provide a platform and a community for students from underrepresented groups, and of any nationality, to connect with mentors or peer mentors. I have a;lways made conscious effort to promote an inclusive, diverse and supportive climate both in the classroom and my research group.

Area of expertise

I have a range of expertise in soil nutrient management, fertilizer technology and production, organic and mineral waste reuse in agriculture, nutrient cycling and budgeting, and environmental monitoring.


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