Dr John Eveness

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  • Qualifications:BEng(Hons), PhD
  • Position:Research Fellow - Biosensor Technology
  • Department:Faculty of Environment and Technology (FET)
  • Telephone:+4411732 87667

About me

I graduated from the University of the West of England with a BEng (Hons) in Electronic Engineering. I have a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) from the University of the West of England (UWE); in Biosensor Science; developing a Resonant Coil Magnetometer device detecting Paramagnetic Particles used as labels in biological binding assays. This was an EPSRC funded Faraday Intersect Case studentship. My supervisors were Professor Janice Kiely (UWE), Professor Richard Luxton (UWE) and Dr Peter Hawkins (UWE).

Following graduation of my PhD I was a research assistant at the University of Bristol (School of Geographical Sciences) with Professor Jemma Wadham (Bristol Glaciology Centre) developing chemical sensor technology for in-situ remote monitoring of icy-ecosystems.

I have over a decade of industrial experience, developing electro-optical analytical instrumentation for the Power and Water industry, and within the Oil and Gas industry as an electrical analysis systems engineer analysing subsea power and communications control systems.

My work has been interdisciplinary working on projects collaborating with analytical chemists, physical scientists, electronic, software and mechanical engineers.

I am now a Research Fellow in the Health Technology Hub developing novel healthcare devices and assisting relevant local companies with research and development projects.

I welcome internal and external inter-disciplinary collaboration opportunities, particularly in fields of: biomedical devices; Point-Of-Care rapid diagnostics; Magneto-immunoassay technology development, magnetic-biosensors; electrochemical and electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) biosensors; and assisted living devices.

I also have academic interests in the fields of:  electronics, analytical sciences, computer based simulation and modelling; and rapid prototyping such as 3-D printing.

Area of expertise

Point-Of-Care diagnostics


Electro-optical chemical sensors

Instrumentation Electronics

Computer based modelling of electro-magnetic systems



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