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I am a lecturer in economics and political economist at the Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance within the Faculty of Law and Business, University of the West of England, Bristol. My work draws upon professional and academic spheres that seeks to understand the sources of institutional and economic change in developing countries, in particular why some countries and social groups come to exercise agency despite their marginalisation to transform their societies.

Prior to entering academia, I was a government official in my home country of Trinidad and Tobago and consultant for several leading international organisations such as the UNDP, UNAIDS, UNFPA and UN-WOMEN. I earned my Ph.D. in Development Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. My academic and consultancy work now spans thematic areas related to industrial policy in resource wealthy countries, the nexus of climate policy and energy-development outcomes, and financialisation and industrial development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

You can find more information on my personal webpage: www.kestonperry.com. I also tweet @kestontnt.

Area of expertise

At present, I am working on three research projects:
1) Climate policy, energy crisis and decarbonisation in low income countries, with specific reference to Haiti: this project interrogates growing consensus on how countries decarbonise through various policy tools and the social support systems required, economic effects and development context of the climate crisis. It also seeks to propose new frameworks and question conventional wisdom about the process of mitigating and adaptation to climate change and the political and democratic processes that underpin decarbonisation.

2) Industrial policy, development and state capitalism: this project offers theoretical and empirical insights into the roles states play in industrializing countries and the extent to which new political configurations and social movements can alter the policy, productive and economic trajectories of resource dependent countries.  This work examines historical and contemporary formations of structural, organisational and socio-political drivers, and places heterodox economic and political economy at the centre of analysis.

3) Industrial organisation and financialisation - this book project considers the role that international finance and financial integration plays in socio-economic and industrial outcomes in resource rich economies in Latin America and the Caribbean. This will examine in particular the significance of sovereign wealth funds and the changing significance of national companies in the process of industrial development.


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