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After spending my formative years touring across the world in DIY punk bands, I have now taken the not-so-obvious career progression of teaching and writing about the theory and practice of organisations. I joined the Bristol Business School in 2013, and have since taught on a range of programmes focussing on organisational leadership, change and culture. I am the Programme Leader for BA(Hons) Business Management and Leadership, and the Module Leader for 'Understanding Organisations and People' (Level One) and 'Organisational Leadership' (Level Two). In the 2017 Student Experience awards, I won the 'Outstanding Teaching Award'​​. ​

I am currently involved in a range of research projects, revolving around:

  • Leadership: One of my primary interests is the performance of leadership in 'alternative' organisations, including radically democratic social movements. In my research I draw on Critical Leadership Studies (CLS), and I am particularly interested in exploring democratic practices and how they facilitate non-hierarchical forms of organisation.
  • Gender studies: Many of my projects intersect with notions of gender and taken-for-granted 'gendered knowledge' that we occupy on a daily basis. In particular I am currently interested in exploring alternative and resistant forms of gendered knowledge that fight against dominant (or 'hegemonic') understandings. 
  • Ethnography & Qualitative Methods: Another strand of research involves exploring the place and value of qualitative methods in organisational research. Across a range of projects, I note the significance of reflexive and autoethnographic writing; the importance of emotions in ethnography research; and potentialities for more involved qualitative methods in leadership studies. ​
  • Craft and Artisanal work: I am also interested in exploring the rise of Craft Brewing and Artisanal work in the United Kingdom. Indeed, the last decade has seen a dramatic increase in this field, characterised as 'good' work, based on skill, community, passion and commitment. This stands in stark contrast to other contemporary forms of organization. ​​

Website: drneilsutherland.wordpress.com​

Email: neil.sutherland@uwe.ac.uk

Twitter: @neil_sutherland


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