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I completed my PhD at Swansea University in 2010 where my thesis focused on the maladaptive consequences of engaging in thought suppression as a technique to manage unwanted thoughts. I subsequently took a Post Doc at the University of Kent where I investigated the potential utility of mindfulness in alleviating the effects of stereotype threat and the correspondence bias. In 2011 I moved to Northern Cyprus to take an Assistant Professor role at Middle East Technical University before moving back to the UK in 2013. Since returning I worked as a Visiting Lecturer at University of South Wales before accepting a 1 year Teaching Fellow position at University of Warwick. 

I tend to teach modules related to Psychotherapy / Psychopathology and specialise in the teaching of Applied Behaviour Analysis and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I have also enjoyed teaching courses in Persuasion and Influence, Research Methods, Individual Differences and Statistics.

Area of expertise

Traditionally, Cognitive Therapies have suggested that in order to change a client’s behavior it is important to first change their thoughts. Recently, however, a third wave of behavior therapies has emerged in which the emphasis is not on altering the form and frequency of unwanted thoughts, but on altering ones relationship to those thoughts. One such therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), is underpinned by a theory of language and cognition named Relational Frame Theory (RFT). My research falls into two areas; firstly I investigate the way in which RFT may account for the unsuccessful nature of avoidance, and secondly I investigate specific ACT components as alternatives to avoidance in the management of unwanted thoughts.

Personal Website: https://www.nichooper.co.uk


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