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  • Qualifications:BSc Hons PGCERT QTS
  • Position:Science Writer and Future Brief Editor: Science for Environment Policy
  • Department:HAS - Allied Health Professions
  • Telephone:+4411732 84298

About me

Nicola Shale is a writer, editor and multimedia content producer, with expertise in environmental science, forest ecology and environmental health.

After obtaining her BSc honours degree in Zoology at the University of Bristol, Nicola started working on specialist factual content at the BBC Natural History Unit, before working for clients from the independent television sector, Charities and National Museums. Nicola worked on location in the UK and globally, overseeing teams and managing content production deadlines. 

In London Nicola, worked on exhibition content at the Science Museum, writing exhibition panels, science news features and introducing video output to the team Antenna news team. Nicola worked as a content consultant, on an experiential climate science and art exhibition in the newly opened Sammy Ofer wing of the National Maritime Museum (NMM) liaising between the artist, climate change charity and museum.  

Nicola's passion for natural history led her in 2017 to obtain a postgraduate certificate in ecological survey techniques at the University of Oxford, with her field research dissertation on forest fragmentation in Costa Rica receiving a distinction. Nicola has been working as a staff member of the Science for Environment Policy (SFEP) team since January 2018, writing and editing future briefs, creating SFEP video content and writing news alerts. She has been an author on policy briefs covering nature-based solutions, protecting pollinators, nanoplastics, and covid. 

As part of the wider science communication unit Nicola has delivered lectures  to undergraduates on science/natural history documentary production planning, filming and editing. She has made use of her pedagogical training in delivering outreach in primary schools as part of the CLAIRCITY project, and assisted at the Bristol Festival of Nature.


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