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Volcanologist with interests in volcano sedimentology, architecture of volcanoes, and the mechanical behaviour of volcanic materials.  My core activity is around the behaviour of pyroclastic density currents and their deposits, and in particular developing experimental methods to simulate their flow and deposition. Along the way this has led to work involving turbidity current behaviour, fracture behaviour in volcanic islands, and the seismic processes in deforming sediments.

I lead our Earth Materials, Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, Geotechnical Hazards, and Hazard and Disaster Management modules, and teach parts of Dynamic Earth, Geotechnical Hazards, Structural Geology and Geophysics, and 21st Century Economic Geology modules.

I am very interested in opening conversations with researchers and industry specialists in areas revolving around volcanic soils and sediments, sector collapse, volcano architecture, and allied areas.

I am the department postgraduate research coordinator, and sit on the UK Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group committee. In addition, I am involved in supporting https://eartharxiv.org/ and am a topical editor for the diamond open access journal Volcanica http://www.jvolcanica.org/

Area of expertise

I specialises in the experimental characterisation of pyroclastic density currents and their deposits, and in trying to better understand the mechanical stability of volcanoes and volcanic soils. 

My work also embraces numerical and field approaches. I am particularly keen on linking microstructural, deposit scale, and volcano-scale features and processes. Together with high speed video analysis, I have experience using acoustic emission rock physics equipment, X-RayCT systems, and a range of GIS, 3D structural and seismic analysis suites.

If you are interested in pursuing postgraduate research opportunities in any of these areas please get in touch using the email link above.


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