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  • Qualifications:MA(RCA)Painting. BAHons.Slade.UCL.
  • Position:Programme Leader Drawing & Print
  • Department:ACE - Arts and Cultural Industries
  • Telephone:+4411732 84825

About me

Richard Kenton Webb, MA (RCA), is an artist and teacher. He studied at Chelsea, the Slade and the Royal College in London, under many well-known British artists: Ron Bowen, Graham Crowley, Peter de Francia, John Golding, Sir Lawrence Gowing, Christopher le Brun, Ken Kiff and Patrick Symons. He carries this in his DNA.

Richard shows internationally and has work in national and private collections in the UK, China, Mauritius, Japan, Australia, USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium and France. He has taught at some of the most respected art colleges in London and is invited to share his specialist knowledge around the world. As a part of this, he has taken part in many residencies and fellowships: the British School, Rome; Cité International des Arts, Paris; Cheltenham Art School; St Stephens College, Oxford; SACI International, Florence; LARQ, Queenstown, Tasmania; Tao Hua Tan, China; and Shanghai, China. In September 2019, Richard is exhibiting in Texas, USA at the Martin Museum of Art: Emergence Art and Incarnation of Space. This will include a series of workshops, talks and lectures at Baylor University. He will also take part in a group show (Seer) in Tokyo later this year. In 2020, he joins the impressive list of international names invited on the prestigious Josef and Anni Albers Residency, USA.

Richard is a painter with drawing and printmaking at the heart of his practice. He makes his own paints from pigments for all his painting and printmaking. This extensive knowledge of artists’ materials and the formal aspects of composition and picture-making are central. His synaesthetic approach to creativity means that students are guided to find the most appropriate materials for their ideas.

Since 2000, Richard has been researching colour as a language within the pedagogical field of art and design. Under the title of The Practice of Materials and The Practice of Colour, he runs a series of talks to equip students to become literate in colour. He aims to facilitate all his students to understand how to use colour. In his own practice, he has worked through red, orange, yellow, green, hot/cold contrast and now light/dark contrast. He is making 148 huge drawings as a response to the light/dark contrast found in Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost.

Richard is committed to nurturing the personal vision, creativity and technical skills for the artists of tomorrow. He focuses on giving each student the freedom to express their own unique voice; discover their identity as an artist; and find their context within art history. He is proud of the art school heritage of the South West where artists who changed the course of art history have also taught, such as painters like Peter Lanyon, Paul Feiler, William Scott and David Hockney.

Area of expertise


Drawing as a way of thinking
Teaching drawing
Relief printing
Using pigment to make paint
The dynamic between drawing, painting and printmaking
Fine art printmaking
Art history
Artists' materials


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