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About me

I am a lecturer in economics at the University of the West of England.  I teach quantitative methods and macroeconomics, and I previously taught at SOAS, University of London, and Kingston University.

My first major research area is in economic theory, where I am interested in heterogeneity and disequilibrium dynamics.  I am currently working with colleagues at the University of Surrey on incorporating the insights of agent based models into New Keynesian business cycle models, and with colleagues at Kingston University and UWE on incorporating strategy switching into Minskyan business cycle models. 


My second major research area is in applied macroeconomics, where I am interested in macro-labour economics, macro-finance economics, and medium-term forecasting.  I am currently working on a project on hysteresis in the EU with colleagues at Kingston University, and projects on the impact of distribution on growth with colleagues at Hannan University and Utah State University.

Area of expertise

Macroeconomic theory, particularly heterogeneity, disequilibirum, and complex dynamics, and applied economics, particularly time series econometrics.


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