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Sean is a highly motivated, teaching and research early career lecturer in games technology with a practice and research specialism in games, film, digital media and artificial intelligence.

Sean's professional portfolio encompasses work as a lead programmer, designer and producer working for studios such as Argonaut Software Ltd, Behaviour Interactive, Soshi Games and others, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Notable franchises include Indiana Jones, MySims, Transformers, Wipeout, being published by all major publishers, EA, Activision, Disney, etc. The games Sean worked on have been played across generations of consoles dating back to the original Playstation 1.

Sean's scholarly activities include early work on Computational Creativity specifically Strategies for Automatic Video Editing over Generic Domains, and his research continues to develop in this area. Sean also investigates technologies and approaches for Games Development and Procedural (AI) for Games Design.

Area of expertise

Video Games Programming, Design and Production.
AI & Computational Creativity.
Computational Semiotics and Automatic Video Editing
Compilers & Programming Languages and Heterogeneous Computing


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