Mr Sean Johnson

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  • Qualifications:BSc Psychology
  • Position:Associate Lecturer + Doctoral Researcher
  • Department:Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences (HAS)
  • Telephone:+4411732 84811

About me

Sean's PhD research focuses on the impact of mixing alcohol with energy drinks, and other caffeinated beverages, on alcohol consumption, negative alcohol-related consequences and risk-taking behaviours using a wide-range of methodologies including retrospective surveys, on-premise interviews and ecological momentary assessment procedures.   

His broader interests include studying the drinking practices and psychological mechanisms that underlie the development of at-risk drinking behaviours within the student population. He is part of the University of the West of England Alcohol Impact Working Group that aims to create the conditions for a social norm of responsible alcohol consumption among its students by developing strategies and interventions that address specific issues.

Other interests include research on the pathology, treatment and prevention of alcohol hangovers and the effects of alcohol and other drugs on driving performance. 


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