Dr Simon Scarle

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  • Qualifications:BSc (hons), PhD
  • Position:Program Leader for MSc Commercial Games Development
  • Department:FET - Computer Science and Creative Technologies
  • Telephone:+4411732 85512
  • Email:Simon.Scarle@uwe.ac.uk
  • Social media: Twitter logo

About me

Simon Scarle has had a diverse research career publishing papers on defects in semi-conductors, thin film delamination, ion motion in polymer hosts, Berne-Gay potential/boids model link and electro-cardio dynamics, before going to work for the Game Developer, Rare Ltd, part of Microsoft Games Studios. There he was the main programmer of a GPU based particle effects system. He then went on to be a Senior Programmer for a Serious Games Project at the International Digital Laboratory, University of Warwick, which was developing a motion controlled game to teach children good nutrition and the worth of exercise, after which he was the Principal Technical Developer at the Serious Games Institute, Coventry University, where he was also the main Technical Advisor on the Games Industry and Games Development.

Area of expertise

Highly interested in the bringing together of computer games technology and research science, a concept I call Applied Games Technology. My novel paper, Scarle, S. (2009) Implications of the Turing Completeness of Reaction-Diffusion Models, informed by GPGPU simulations on an XBox 360: Cardiac Arrhythmias, Re-entry and the Halting Problem, Computational Biology and Chemistry, 33, 253, was the first journal paper published to use an Xbox 360 to carry out research simulations


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