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While I retain a broad interest in the sociological account of current aspects of religiosity, I have come to enjoy international scholarly acknowledgement in the more focused area of contemporary Christianity. My research in this area has led to a lar In total, I have some 300 publications and given over 90 conference papers.ge number of publications and papers and drawn a great deal of media interest. While my interest is primarily sociological, research has not infrequently contributed to the fields of Political Science, Theology, Religious Studies, and Anthropology.  I have undertaken research which has furthered knowledge through archival research and ethnographic studies based upon field work activities. This ethnographic dimension has been predominantly with reference to religious constituencies and their associated practices including those which are recognized as notoriously difficult to empirically study.  A secondary interest of mine is Political Sociology, especially political extremism. Recently I have conducted some research into Right-wing political movements Europe and the USA.

Area of expertise

Area of expertise

I retain a broad interest in the relationship between contemporary culture and religion. This quest has included the political mobilisation of Christian groups concerning areas of sexuality. More recently, I have developed a broader interest into the relationship between religion and sexuality, especially controversies and debates around sexual minorities Flowing from my interest in religion and sexuality my research into human rights has focused upon theoretical critiques of the ideological and moral foundation of human rights and rights issues, as well as to whether divergent sexual and religious rights can be reconciled; and if so, how, and the relationship between majority and minority rights might be balanced.

I have also developed a research interest in how religion is 'regulated' in Western democracies: how religion is defined, protected by civil rights, and how UK governments have developed policies around faith communities related to social inclusion, equality and diversity. Other research interests include religion and ethnicity, prison and university chaplaincies.

My Publications

Recent publications include (these are only a sample)

(2016) The Life Course: A Sociological Introduction, Basingstoke: Palgrave.

(2016) Handbook of Contemporary Christianity: Movements, Institutions and Allegiance, Brill: Leiden, series edited by Carole Cusack and James R. Lewis

 (2015) Handbook of Global Christianity,  Brill: Leiden, series edited by Carole  Cusack and James R. Lewis.

(2014)   'Christian Lobbyist Groups and the Negotiation of Sexual Rights in the UK', Journal of Contemporary Religion, 29(1), 121-36.

(2013)  'Negotiating Equality in the Equality Act 2010 (UK): Church-State Relations in a Post-Christian Society', Church and State, 54(3), 690-711.   

(2013)   'University Chaplaincy Provisions: Taking the Religion out?', Journal of Beliefs and Values, 34(3), 359-69. 

(2012)  The Ashgate Library of Essays on Sexuality and Religion, Christianity, Aldershot: Ashgate. 

(2012)   The Ashgate Library of Essays on Sexuality and Religion, Judaism and Islam, Aldershot: Ashgate.

(2012)   The Ashgate Library of Essays on Sexuality and Religion, Eastern Religions, Aldershot: Ashgate.  

(2012)  The Ashgate Library of Essays on Sexuality and Religion, 'Indigenous' Religions, Aldershot: Ashgate. *

 (2012)  The Ashgate Library of Essays on Sexuality and Religion, The New Religions and Spiritualities, Aldershot: Ashgate.  

 (2012)    (with Scott Kugle) 'Masculinity, Homosexuality and the Defence of Islam: A Case Study of Yusuf al-Qaradawi's Media Fatwa', Religion and Gender, special edition, Religion and Masculinities, 2(2), 254-79.


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