Dr Thomas Mansell

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About me

I am an early career researcher interested in Sustainable Consumer Behaviours. In particular I am interested in how social influence techniques (such as leveraging social norms) can be used to encourage the adoption of sustainable consumption behaviours. I have presented my work at various conferences including the Academy of Marketing conference in the UK and am currently looking to expand my research portfolio by exploring new projects and collaboration. 

I have a PhD in Management and an MSc in Sustainability & Management from the University of Bath as well as a BSc in Business Management & Marketing from Cardiff University.  I have more than 7 years experience teaching various Management modules such as Strategic Mangement and Sustainable Procurement at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels, as well as supervising many Undergraduate and Postgraduate dissertation projects. I am also an Academic Offence Advisor in Business & Management. 

Area of expertise

My expertise lies mainly in applying theory from social & environmental psychology to interventions aimed at encouraging behaviour change. 

I also have methodological experience in designing and analysing data from field experiments in behaviour change settings such as the adoption of meat-free diets. 


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