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  • Level 3 Qualified Coach
  • International Head Coach experience with Ireland A, Irish U21 Men and the Irish U18 Boys
  • Coached club hockey at top European level in the EHL

Turloch has been working fulltime with The University of the West of England for five seasons now and during this time has modified the hockey program to ensure that all the players of all levels are catered for, on and off the pitch.

Turloch has gained valuable international experience during his time with Irish hockey having being involved, to varying degrees, from 2003 to 2011. He emerged through the coaching ranks to become Head Coach of the three of the four junior age groups for boys. It was also during this period that he coached his club, Three Rock Rovers HC, in the Euro hockey league in 2008/09 season, eventually bowing out at the quarter final stage. Reaching this level in Europe was first for Irish club hockey.

  • Strengths include the teaching of techniques and tactics, then linking the improving technical skills to a greater selection of tactics, over a season and beyond.
  • Significant experience in fixing technical errors.
  • Uses  video analysis as a key form of player feedback
  • A good understanding of the needs of the player either competitively or in playing hockey for pleasure.


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