Ms Elena Blanco

About me

I ​​​​​am an Associate Professor of International Economic Law working and researching in areas of Globalisation, International Investment Law, International arbitration and litigation and international economic law in general. 

I hold law degrees from three different countries and worked in practice on international arbitration and litigation and as a consultant on Spanish Law.

My research is centered around issues of distributional justice and access to natural resources, international investment law, environmental justice, corruption, bribery and good governance and litigation against corporate actors.

I supervise a variety of disertations and higher research degrees in these and related topics and I am always happy to collaborate with new and established researchers and community organisations.

At the moment I am involved in two projects.One of them considers litigation strategies for environmental protection. The other interrogates established and critical conceptions of sovereignty in the context of an environmentally reponsible world.

Outside academia and work I love sunny and warm places ( and people!), the sea, travelling, dogs, real people, wild beaches, Barcelona F.C, islands.

Area of expertise

Internatioal Arbitration.
International litigation and private international law.
International Investment Law.
Globalisation and International Economic Law.
Trade, Investment and Sustainable Resource Use.
Spanish Law

My Publications