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Dr Aida Abzhaparova is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the Department of Health and Social Sciences, Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences. Aida achieved her PhD at the University of Bristol in 2009. Aida joined UWE, Bristol in September 2009. 
Aida’s research interests focus on International Relations theory, critical security studies, international organizations and the politics of representation. Aida primarily focuses on excluded or marginalized voices in the international arena. Through her research Aida aims to grant agency to marginal actors and open up a space of study that is necessary to fully understand conflict and instability in the international system.  These interests inform Aida’s teaching, as she supports a philosophy of research-informed and practice-led teaching. Aida uses her research and its case studies (nuclear weapon technology, borders, relationships between states, current threats to international security) to encourage students to think critically about and analyse central issues that are deemed to be important yet are treated as given by traditional approaches to International Relations and security.
Aida has a strong interest in pedagogy. She pursues pedagogical research by focusing on innovative methods of teaching/learning and maximization of students’ engagement/experience. Currently, Aida explores the use and usefulness of on-line teaching/learning methods. 
Affiliation and Membership
Member of British International Studies Association(UK)
Member of Political Studies Association (UK)
Member of International Studies Association (USA)

Area of expertise

International Relations Theory and Security Studies. Discourse Analysis: Theory and Practice. Security Architecture in the former Soviet space.


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