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I am Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security and Global Politics, with a disciplinary background in International Relations and International Security. I have developed as a multi-disciplinary scholar and have worked on projects ranging from Private Military Companies, to Weapons of Mass Destruction, to international and regional security organisations, to employing Public Health approaches and focusing on gender security. I have worked with colleagues from Security Studies to International Law, to Public Health and Development, to Politics, Geography and Planning.

I pay serious attention to information wars between the superpowers and the less powerful, investigate information technology as a tool, explore the dark corners of digital criminal activities, and evaluate how the mentioned practices impact the security of individuals, societies, states and the international system. These aspects are constantly covered by the media around the world, and I train my students to critically interrogate various media sources in order to become more aware of issues and challenges associated with the use and misuse of information technology and cyberspace. Breaking down the complexities of key concepts and theories and drawing out the multi-scale dimensions of current practices and issues, encourages students to approach and view cyber security in a more nuanced manner. I keep up to date with relevant regulatory national and international practices and draw on the important role that non-governmental organisations play in lobbying the government.

In my previous role I was also Associate Head of Department for Student Experience, and I'm committed to bringing the Student Experience into every area of my professional life, working for students to become well-rounded, inspired individuals. One of my key focus areas is currently on "Women in Cyber Security" and I'm working to develop networks and collaboration in this direction.

I also welcome new PhD students who are interested in research on topics of cyber security and world politics, cyberwarfare, and cyber-crime. 

Area of expertise

International Relations and Security Studies. Discourse Analysis: Theory and Practice. Security Architecture in the former Soviet space. Cyber Security and Cyber Warfare. Cybercrime. Data ethics and governance.


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