Dr Alexandros Stratakos

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  • Qualifications:BSc, MSc, PhD
  • Position:Senior Lecturer - Wallscourt Fellow in Sustainable Agri-Food Production
  • Department:Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences (HAS)
  • Telephone:+4411732 84743
  • Email:Alexandros.Stratakos@uwe.ac.uk

About me

I joined UWE Bristol in 2019 as a research focused Senior Lecturer and Principal Investigator in Sustainable Agri-Food Production - I am also a Wallscourt Fellowship holder. 

In my group, we are working on the development of new strategies to ensure the safety and quality of the food supply. In order to achieve this, we use a variety of techniques (molecular and classic microbiology, spectroscopy, cell cultures, sequencing and bioinformatics) coupled with novel non-thermal technologies (e.g. cold atmospheric plasma, high hydrostatic pressure) and 3D printing.

We aim to translate our experimental results to real life applications that are useful to industry, public authorities and consumers.

Specific research areas in my lab include:

  • Development of novel interventions (e.g. physical, biological) that control foodborne/veterinary bacterial pathogens during all phases of the food production chain.
  • Develop a better understanding of foodborne pathogen growth, survival and pathogenesis. 
  • Development of novel food and feed additives with antimicrobial and anti-virulence properties.
  • Use of novel thermal and non-thermal technologies in Food Processing.
  • Microbiological food quality – focusing on meat and plant based products.

Accepting PhD Students

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD in Food Safety, Food Microbiology or related discipline in my lab and you have already secured your own funding (e.g. self-funded, government source, charity, industry), you are encouraged to come in contact with a full CV.

Teaching Activities: Designing and delivering inclusive teaching and assessments for BSc and MSc level degrees in Biological Sciences and Biomedical Sciences. 

Module Leader for Scientific Frontiers and Enterprise.

I co-lead and organise the Research Centre's research seminar series (CRIB seminar series).

Area of expertise

Selected Honours and Awards

Vice Chancellor's Early Career Researcher Award (£15,000 - 2020) (Principal Investigator)
Wallscourt Fellowship (2019) (UWE)
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2020)
FET/HAS funding scheme for pilot interdisciplinary projects (£9,000 - 2019) 
''Developing nanoemulsions loaded with essential oils against Salmonella in food. Funded by the Society for Applied Microbiology (Principal Investigator - £2,500)
"Assuring the safety of beef with respect to pathogenic Escherichia coli'' funded by Rangeland foods Ltd (Co-I) (£13,530 - 2016).


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