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Andrew McCarthy is a Postgraduate Researcher at the University of the West of England (UWE, Bristol), under the primary supervision of Dr. Phil Legg (DoS), Panos Andriotis, and Essam Ghadafi. His research interests include interactive methods for improving trust and reliability against adversarial attacks.

He holds an M.Sc. in Cyber Security (Distinction) and a B.Sc. in Computing for Real-time Systems both achieved at the Univerisity of the West of England. Andrew also holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Computing awarded by the Open University.

Prior to returning to academic pursuits and obtaining his Masters Degree he held a number of positions in industry, working for companies including Intel Corp, and LogicaCMG.

He holds professional membership of the Association for Computer Machinery.

Area of expertise

Real-time Systems, Cyber Security


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