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I am a researcher and an educator in the field of design research. My main research interest is the deployment of technology in socio-technical systems and my expertise is in the area of product development strategy.

I lead the Embedded Intelligent Empathy feasibility study funded by Connected Everything II: Accelerating Digital Manufacturing Research Collaboration and Innovation. Together with a team of design experts, we investigate novel ways to model empathy and systematically integrate it in computational design. Our goal is to integrate empathy in the next generation of smart products to align with the emotions driving behaviours and forge powerful connections with the users. 

As part of the Digital Engineering Technology & Innovation (DETI) programme, I lead a work package on the deployment of Intellectual Property in design practice. I investigate the role of codified knowledge, such as patents, in the development of novel products and technologies.

I am an Automation Fellow of the South West Creative Technology Network working on Intellectual Property, ownership and rights related to product development.

Within the HATLAB research team, my current work lies in understanding data right architectures for personalised cyber-physical products in a decentralised data economy. 

Area of expertise

A systems engineer by background, have seamlessly moved across disciplines and developed expertise in multiple domains such as production systems, team learning dynamics, composites industrial strategy and Intellectual Property (IP). ​

Before returning to academia, worked as a PQ Patent Attorney in large private practice firms where advised a range of clients on IP. In my career, have interwoven several research appointments with my IP practicehave served as a Research Fellow in MIT Portugal; as a Team Learning Specialist with Maastricht University and TU Delft; and as Design-Manufacturing Fellow at the University of Bristol. have also served as an EU commission expert evaluator for Horizon 2020 on the topic of “User-driven Innovation: Value Creation through Design-enabled Innovation”. ​


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