Dr Appolinaire Etoundi

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  • Qualifications:MEng, MSc, PhD
  • Position:Senior Lecturer in Mechatronics
  • Department:FET - Engineering, Design and Mathematics
  • Telephone:+4411732 86770

About me

Dr. Appolinaire Etoundi obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the Department Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bristol. Upon completion of his PhD, he firstly worked as a Teaching Associate in Engineering Design at the University of Bristol. Subsequently, he took up a postdoctoral position on the System Design of Ultra Efficient Chain Drives research project with Renold PLC for the British Olympic Cycling Team wherein he designed and developed a test rig for the determination of dynamic friction within plain bearing joints in cycling chain. The current focus of his research is on (but not limited to) the development of assitive, rehabilitative devices and systems for upper and lower limbs amputees and also human-machine interface systems.

Due to the highly interdisciplinary nature of biologically inspired technology, Appolinaire’s research revolves around the extraction and application of advantageous design concepts found in biological systems to optimise existing engineering and biomedical devices. The extraction of desirable features such as compliance or versatility into electromechanical systems has the potential to greatly improve the efficiency of mobile robots and rehabilitation/prosthetic devices.

With technological evolution and increase of the market demands designers and engineers have to conceive products whose evolution potential is set on a wise combination of technological principles from different disciplines. In light of this, Appolinaire’s primary research interest lie in the development of multidisciplinary systems integrating the mechatronics approach at the early stage of conception in the areas of bioinspired, biomechanical, rehabilitation and robotic engineering.

He is currently teaching on the following courses:

Engineering Design
Electromechanical systems

Area of expertise


Biomimetics/Bioinspired Technologies
Smart Systems


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