Dr Bethany Fox

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  • Qualifications:MSci PhD
  • Position:Post-Doctoral Research Scientist
  • Department:HAS - Applied Sciences
  • Telephone:+4411732 84851

About me

I began my academic career by studying Geography at the University of Bristol. After my first year, I followed the physical geography course, with my undergraduate research project investigating glacial-microbial interactions. My master's project focussed on freshwater-microbial interactions and water quality assessment. From this I then began my PhD at UWE Bristol looking at bacterial production of naturally-occurring fluorescent organic matter. Beyond laboratory and field based work, my PhD also involved working with an industrial partner to aid development of a novel sensor technology for water quality monitoring.

Since my PhD, I have been a post-doctoral researcher working on an Indo/UK water quality project. This project is centred around the use of novel technology platforms to improve water quality in India, both in environmental systems and for the provision of biologically-safe drinking water. This project has involved lots of academic and industrial partners, and has also led to the development of a collaborative side-project. The side-project has seen multiple Indo/UK projects come together to undertake a highly spatially resolved water quality assessment of the Ganges from the Himalayan foothills to the Bay of Bengal.

Area of expertise

Subject expertise include - Water quality monitoring, freshwater microbial interactions, fluorescent organic matter, fluorescent sensors, sustainable decentralised drinking water treatment systems, international research, industrial research. Practical skills include - microbiological laboratory skills, water environmental science skills, collaborative project management, international field expeditions.


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