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About me

My research in colour has evolved from multicolour screenprinting; photo-mechanical print processes to digital colour wideformat and colour management. 

My doctoral study incorporated many of these aspects and resulted in the development of bespoke inkjet colour palettes for artists and multi-layering of inks. I have identified a gap in colour communication and theory across art and design and the scientific fields which has been largely due to a lack of common understanding of terms and practice between the arts and sciences. As my research has tended to be multi-disciplinary and requires an understanding of colour and print quality from the perspective of industry requirements and also meet artists’ requirements; new insights have evolved through discussion; collaborative practice and application between researchers and experts from different scientific; technical; art and design backgrounds. This has also led to a greater and wider impact; as research is disseminated to different audiences.

Area of expertise

My research interests include: colour management, colour appearance, colour printing for artists, 2.5D printing, colour fading and conservation, the relationship of ink on paper (for both fine art uncoated and coated papers), print history, colour theory and perception. I am also interested in methods for organising colour, such as paint charts, colour circles and colour models.


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