Dr Carla de Laurentis

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About me

Carla is a lecturer in Environmental Management, with a background in economics, innovation and economic development. 

Area of expertise

Carla's research interests converge around the geography of innovation and the role of policy in promoting local and regional development. She is particularly interested in understanding the mechanisms that lead to an effective diffusion of sustainable practices in the public sector and businesses, investigating why regions show different patterns in the emergence of renewable energy systems and in the implementation of Circular Economy principles. She has published on the role of regions in the dynamics of innovation and transformation of the energy sector towards sustainability.

Carla is a co-investigator in the project 'Is there an afterlife for wind installations in Italy?  

Carla is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and passionate about teaching in a range of sustainability and energy transition modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 


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