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Since the beginning of my post-graduate research career, I have been intrigued by the taxonomy and phylogeny of bacteria and how molecular microbiology techniques can be used to resolve taxonomic issues.  I believe that taxonomy and phylogeny have a great influence on many other areas of biology including plant pathology, metagenomics, epidemiology and clinical or medical microbiology.

My post-graduate research has been focussed on developing novel methods for evaluating the taxonomy and phylogeny of plant-pathogenic and -associated members of the former family Enterobacteriaceae. This has led to the description of numerous novel genera and species isolated from Eucalyptus, oak, agricultural crops and plants, as well as several taxonomic reclassifications of important clinical species.

My current research is part of a collaboration between the University of the West of England, Forest Research and Woodland Heritage. The project is directed at identifying bacteria isolated from oak trees showing symptoms of acute oak decline (AOD), determining their taxonomy and pathogenicity using molecular methods. To date, we have described two novel genera, 11 novel species and two novel subspecies. Of these, Brenneria goodwinii and Gibbsiella quercinecans have been identified as the two major causal pathogens involved in decline symptoms. As little is known about the biology of these novel bacteria, I am investigating pathogenicity factors and gene function of several species as well as examining a possible mutualistic relationship between them.‚Äč

Area of expertise

Bacterial taxonomy, molecular microbiology, plant-pathogenic bacteria


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