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Before starting my academic career in 1991, I worked in local government housing for 10 years, initially in service delivery before assuming a strategic and policy development role. I moved into academia with an ESRC Management Teaching Fellowship at Bristol Business School, followed by a permanent appointment to a full-time position.  I am an active teacher and researcher and am committed to public engagement, based on my research. Over the course of my academic career I have been involved in a number of externally funded research projects, both public and private; the most recent working with the BBC in an AHRC-funded project concerning the 2014 First World War Centenary. I was one of the founding editors of the academic journal Management & Organizational History, was the first Chair of the Academy of Management’s Management History Division affiliated with an institution outside North America, and have organized a number of workshops and conferences on management and organizational history.

Area of expertise

My main teaching interests are currently the history, philosophy and sociology of the social sciences, with particular reference to organization science. My current research interests concern (a) issues of public memory and commemoration; (b) counterfactual and other modal narratives in organizational history and futures studies; and (c) critical management and organizational history more generally. My present public engagement projects relate to the first of these interests, and focus on commemorative processes and artefacts relating to the First World War.


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