Dr Charlotte Flothmann

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About me

I am an integrative psychologist with a special interest in working relationally with complex trauma and longstanding mental health issues.

Much of my academic and clinical work has sought to address problems faced by people on the move, in particular those forcibly displaced. I have collaborated extensively with refugee and migrant groups to learn how to provide effective support and incorporate culturally-specific conceptualisations of health and healing into western therapeutic approaches. An inherent curiosity about difference, how it can be understood and honoured in both therapy and research, underpins this.

I am furthermore passionate about promoting social justice in education and finding ways to ensure that marginalised children and young people, as well as their families and teachers, feel able to access and engage with education equitably.

These issues have profoundly informed my practice, research and teaching and I welcome ideas for collaboration and learning in these broad areas.  As a supervisor I oversee qualitative and mixed-methods studies in related fields, and advocate for innovative, participatory research methods wherever appropriate.



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